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Hey, it's been a while. I'm trying to upload more buuuuutttt, I'm sick right now, I'm still having pain since my surgery, and I have to go to the dentist wed. and thurs. But I'll try to upload more. There's only a couple more months until school is out, so yah. Well what I really wanted to tell you is that, I'm not dead, and I'm taking suggestions to get me back into drawing. Anyway buh bye!

~<3 Lizzisaurix
Baby Pan Pan
I redrew my FIRST EVER digital drawing. Mainly because, it has been 6 months since I started DA!! Thank you guys so much!!

~<3 Lizzisaurix
I got 16 views today alone!! Wha, how, wait, WHAT?! I don't understand, I'm a small artist who has like, 4 followers!! I appreciate them, don't get me wrong, but those views, are 4x how many followers I have. 4X!! I don't deserve this, but thank you anyway. *walks away* 16 VIEWS!! Goodness, am I being hacked? Did I get a shout out? WHAT THE EFF HAPPENED?!!

~<3 Lizzisaurix
So first off, I change my profile picture to a picture I  actually drew. (I found the other one on the internet so I can't give credit to the original artist because I don't know who it was)
BUT, I am going to be doing something SPECIAL for the 12 days of Christmas on DA!! It's a surprise so you'll have to wait til the 13th to find out what IT is!! And I really enjoy this song so you should check it out. (many curse words)  Also, lastly, I'm healing up pretty well, and soon I'll be able to post more often so there's that!

~<3 Lizzisaurix
In episode 2 of season 3 of Aphmau's MCD series, we see the shadow lord.(he claims NOT to be Aaron but is just some random dude that embodied Aaron's old body) He is seen at the end of the episode though. He explains to Aphmau that he is NOT her passed lover,(Aaron) and that Aaron IS dead and there is no getting him back, he says this after Aphmau says "Aaron?!". He then says that he senses Aleena,(Aphmau's daughter that she was pregnant with in the second season, keep in mind season 3 is set 3 YEARS after season 2) and that he wants the relic she has within her,(Shad's relic) but then he says "Our child", and then explains that Aphmau WILL bring her to him so that he can have Shad's relic, he then goes back to the nether. This is what we know so far, and this is my theory and OPINION! But anyway, there are a couple details that if that is NOT Aaron, that don't make any sense. 1. I know some people want to be a divine like Aphmau, Aaron, Garroth, Katelyn, ect. But no one that we know of(except Zane on a couple occasions) has demanded for a relic and threatened anyone for it, until now with the shadow lord. But out of all of the relics the divines have, he wants Shad's. Hmmm pretty specific and odd for someone that is NOT, I repeat, NOT Aaron to request. 2. Why out of probably hundreds of bodies to choose from, he chooses Aaron's? Hmmm again pretty specific. 3. He is a shadow lord, and we know he was more than likely a shadow KNIGHT at one time. If you are asking, "Well how do you know he COULD be a shadow knight? HMMMM?!" Well that is easy, we know from a past experience (Laurence) that the 2 things you need to become a shadow knight is to 1. Die (Check for Aaron) and 2. Be "reborn" in the nether (possible check for Aaron) So now you have another reason in your mind. 4. The shadow lord could be Aaron because, Aaron knows how much pain he put the WHOLE village through, but more importantly Lilith and Aphmau. (mainly Aphmau) So Aaron could be saving Aphmau from all the pain she could be re put into if he just shows up out of nowhere all happy and cheerful. It could traumatize her, so he could be lying to save her from anymore pain to be put into. And finally my favorite 5. Take note that up above in this theory, or if you watched the episode, the shadow lord said "OUR baby". Yes, when I watched the video and I heard him say that I was like "AARON!!! THERE IS NO WAY THAT IS NOT AARON!!! APHMAU THAT IS AARON!!! YASSSSSSS!!" Yes, I screamed at my screen, DON'T JUDGE ME! But I put so much thought into 1 tiny little detail most viewers would've missed, so if you did, go back and watch the end of that episode, and listen to the shadow lord VERY carefully. You'll hear it and scream at yourself saying "HOW COULD I MISS THAT?!! I AM SUCH AN IDIOT!!!", but don't beat yourself up, other fans of Aphmau probably didn't catch it either. But back to the theory, why would he say OUR baby? He could have easily said "Your old lover's and your self's baby." BUT HE DIDN'T! If you were talking about someone else's baby why would you say OUR???!!! Like who does that if they're talking about someone else?!! But even if it isn't Aaron entirely, there is a really good chance that with the body, the shadow lord has to live with a good big part of Aaron for the rest of his time in that body. I personally think it is him, and in one part of the series he will uncover himself as Aaron!! But this is my opinion, and if you don't agree, well, "GOOD FOR YOU!! YOU HAVE AN OPINION!!" But since I was gone for a REALLY long time because of stupid school work, I'll through in another clue for my theory, JUST FOR YOU!!! 6. The shadow lord acts like Aaron before he had showed Aphmau who he really was under that darn mask. He acts all dodgy to what Aphmau is saying to him, he also, in his voice, sounds like he is holding himself from running over to Aphmau and kissing her, and he acts all stern and protective over his own personal information. But this is just me. (probably not) Also part of me wants the shadow lord to get Shad's relic, mainly because he looks and acts like Aaron, AND Shad and Irene are always supposed to end up in a love/hate relationship, and I don't think Aphmau can date her daughter :/ SO I REALLY WANT THE SHADOW KNIGHT TO BE AARON!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


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